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Take flight with the Watch Me Fly bracelet. This stunning piece is made with 8mm Blue Chalcedony beads, a rare variety of Chalcedony, and accented with a .925 sterling silver feather charm. It's the perfect reminder that the only limit to your achievements is the reach of your dreams. A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers, so let this bracelet inspire you to pursue your passions with courage and determination. Soar to new heights and achieve your wildest dreams with the Watch Me Fly bracelet!


Blue Chalcedony is a rare and beautiful variety of the Chalcedony mineral, which itself is a cryptocrystalline silicate and a member of the Quartz family. Its striking blue coloration is loved by gemstone enthusiasts and jewelers alike, and it has been used in carvings, cameos, and other lapidary arts since ancient times.

Today, most of the Blue Chalcedony on the market comes from a single region in Turkey, where it has been extracted for over 2500 years. This deposit is thought to be the only one in the world that produces this stunning gemstone, making it truly unique and special.

When cut and polished, Blue Chalcedony takes on a brilliant shine that shows off its rich coloration. It is perfect for use in all kinds of jewelry designs, as well as in collector's pieces and home decor items. No matter how you use it, Blue Chalcedony is sure to add a touch of luxury and beauty to any jewelry collection.


Stones are a genuine natural material and may vary slightly in color, size, and shape from the image shown. 


All bracelets are made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for production before being mailed.



  • Please use caution when applying hairsprays, lotions, colognes, and perfumes when wearing BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life jewelry. They may cause the metal to tarnish or damage the beads. We recommend removing your Jewelry when bathing or swimming. It is recommended that you roll your bracelet on and off and refrain from pulling and stretching it.  

    A small amount of silver polish may be used to shine tarnished sterling silver accents. However, use extra caution not to get polish on crystal beads or stretch cord. 

  • Extra Small 6.5 inches

    Small 7 inches 

    Medium 7.5 inches 

    Large 7.75 inches 

    Extra Large 8 inches  

    Using a string, ribbon, or measurement tape, measure the circumference of your wrist just above the wrist bone (toward the elbow).

    Make a note of the number at the point where the measuring tape meets the O.

    If your wrist appears to be between two sizes, we suggest you choose the larger size. (ex. If you measured 7-7.25 inches with the string test, we always advise that you order size 7.5)

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