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Our Story

BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life was founded in May 2019. We are a Christian Jewelry company and community created to inspire you to deepen your relationship with Jesus and be BOLD when sharing your faith. We believe that everyone has a story – a story that is unique and special. We believe that your story is worth telling, and we want to help you share it with the world. Whether you’re looking for a bracelet as a show of your FAITH, a reminder of your strength during tough times, or you’re searching for something special to give to a friend or loved one – we have jewelry for your JOURNEY!


We specialize in custom, handmade, high-quality bracelets. Only the highest quality and most beautiful materials like sterling silver, precious/semi-precious stones, and other top-quality materials are used. Founder, Jenny Lins spends time selecting each individual stone, bead, and product before making it available on the website. This allows us to guarantee we use only the highest-quality and responsibly sourced materials.


Jenny personally designs and hand strings each bracelet ensuring the beauty of each piece. Before carefully packaging her creations, she blesses each bracelet with prayer for the recipient. Many customers have commented on feeling a rush of love come over them when putting their bracelet on for the first time. This can only be credited to the Holy Spirt touching each BeYOUtiful Life! 

Jenny Lynn Lins
Founder & CEO

Jenny is an artist with a love for all things BeYOUtiful and inspirational. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, children, and two spoiled puppies. 


Jenny's jewelry journey began in 2019 when she was searching for a bracelet that was elegant, beautiful, and share a message of love. Everything she found was too simple, didn’t make a statement, and didn’t have a personal connection for her. So she decided to create something for herself. And so began this Journey of curating the very best bracelets using only the highest quality and most beautiful materials available. The first bracelet she created was truly special, and it was clear that there was a demand for bracelets like this. She is proud to continue this journey and offer unique, inspired bracelets that you won't find anywhere else. Each bracelet is made with love and intention, and we know you'll appreciate the difference. The first bracelet has turned into something much more than just Jewelry; it’s an outlet for, and show of, her Christian FAITH and celebration of the Journey of life! The BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life has inspired her to keep her eyes on God and work to make a difference in the world every day through her online community, e-commerce shop, workshops, events, and charity contributions.

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