Spiritual Bath


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Includes: Organic Rose Bath Salts, Orgaic Rose Water, Organic Rose Petals, Lavender Oil, Rose Quartz Crystal, Soy Candle

Step 1: Scrub the bathtub thoroughly first to make sure it is clean. Rinse your body in the shower.

Step 2: Set a mental intention that this time is totally yours and you will not be disturbed by texts, phone calls or visitors for the next hour or so.

Step 3: Run a warm bath and place bath salts, rose petals, lavender oil, and rose quartz crystal in the bath.

Step 4: Light candle and place near tub.

Step 5: Spray face and body with organic rose water.

Step 6: Step into the bath and soak for about 20-30 minutes. As you relax in the water, clear your mind and focus on your intention to let go of all stress and negativity.


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