Portable Diffuser with Travel Pack – Wood Grain



Product Details

KidSafe®: Yes

Pregnancy Safe: Yes

Nursing Safe: Yes

Pup & Pony Safe: Yes


Always place the diffuser on a flat, stable surface to prevent water spillage. If using in a moving vehicle, ensure the diffuser fits snugly into your cup holder.

Any jostling or tipping of the diffuser may cause the water inside to activate the diffuser’s safety sensor, causing it to shut off operations and potentially damaging the diffuser.

Always ensure the diffuser is turned off and not connected to the USB cable before filling the water reservoir. Do not fill the diffuser past the red marker line to prevent excess water from interfering with the diffuser’s functions.

Be careful not to let any water get into the USB port. If water does get into the USB port, we recommend wiping the area dry and allowing the diffuser to sit for a few hours before use.

Before inserting the USB cable, ensure it is completely dry by wiping it with a clean, dry cloth. Remove the USB cable once the device is fully charged. Always keep the diffuser dry when not in use. If smoke or a burning smell is detected, unplug the diffuser immediately.


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