Raw Fluorite


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1-2 inches – natural raw Fluorite

Each color of Fluorite has a slightly different energy. All of these pieces are multicolored, rainbow fluorite, but some have more of a dominance of purple, green or teal.

Green Fluorite: Having a surplus of energy is great, until that energetic excess begins fueling anxieties. If you need help getting to the root of an emotional strife, Green Fluorite not only calms and clears the mind and spirit, it increases the powers of intuition. Embrace the subconscious mind with Green Fluorite so that you can address what needs or issues are being overlooked.

Purple Fluorite: The soft, supportive energy of Purple Fluorite radiates with the essence of spiritual light. When connected with Purple Fluorite, a violet flame illuminates the soul with tranquility. From a place of peace, the third eye is stimulated so that clarity can bring focus to intuition.

Multicolored Fluorite: What better crystal to bring balance to the many colors of your aura than Rainbow Fluorite? It unifies the mind with the spirit, and grounds the higher chakras with a sense of organization and stability. Calm mental chaos with the harmony of the Universe, and let Rainbow Fluorite add some color to a dulled or dampered spirit.


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