Clear Quartz Generator


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A generator crystal is used most often to recharge other quartz crystals. They are considered a strong power source for other crystals, kind of like a battery. They are usually a crystal with a large point. Place energy generators in your home or work space to protect, activate and transmute energy. Having an energy generator crystal in your space will help to clear out negative energies, giving you peace of mind during your daily life.

Clear Quartz has a very strong vibration and amazing metaphysical properties. It is the easiest crystal to program and may be used for so many purposes. It stores information almost like a computer… Crystals actually have memory. Mind blowing right?!
When working with Clear Quartz you may even feel it’s physical vibration. Hold your crystal in your hand and shut your eyes. What do you feel? This beautiful Crystal is the perfect place to begin your journey with crystals because it is a powerfully protective stone. It also purifies on all levels; spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. When you use this tool to raise your vibration you will quickly notice changes in your perception of the world as you open yourself to connecting with the universe, Mother Earth, and your spirit guides and Angels.

Disclaimer: The metaphysical and healing properties of crystal shared are intended for inspiration and reference. These properties are gathered from online information, books, my personal experiences, Crystal experts and various other sources. Results will be dependent upon your personal attitude and beliefs on the subject. In no way is the information provided meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician


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