The Story of BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life…

Inspirational Jenny headshot

BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life came to be out of my love of all things inspirational and BeYOUtiful. I started making crystal healing bracelets in 2019 when I was unable to find anything  that met both my esthetic and spiritual needs. I decided to create it myself and that first bracelet has turned into a spiritual community and inspired me to live my purpose.

BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life is a way of being. It is a choice to see the BeYOUty and love around you and to be the light and positivity that this world so desperately needs. Please feel free to join our FB community at

All of my crystal bracelets are hand made and custom sized for each individual client. I clear, bless, and charged each bracelet with Reiki energy before sending it out. Great care is taken to ensure only the highest quality and responsibly sourced materials are used. 

Everything on the website has either been designed or hand selected by me.

I pride myself with offering items that are not only BeYOUtiful but make a statement and add value to your life. 

My mission is to inspire purpose, Self-love, and BeYOUty from the inside out.

xoxo- Jenny